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What is Sexytime!?

Who knew that one day your phone could hold the key to your own sexual health, romantic inspirations, and aphrodisiac recipes? Sexytime! is a new mobile app that bridges the gap between healthy libido, stress management, cooking aphrodisiacs and technology. This unique application offers first class content about aphrodisiacs and their nutritional value, it provides stress management techniques and gives plenty ideas and tips on how to improve sex life and relationship with a partner.  Sexytime!  also, has over 200 aphrodisiac recipes and provides motivations for a romantic mood. With this app, you will be able to track your sexual activity and improve overall wellbeing.


A low libido is a common syndrome in twenty-first-century society. Many men and women who juggle busy work schedules and family lives often experience issues with healthy intimacy. So, what happens if the relationship becomes sexless? Healthy sex life is important for marriage and any relationship. Sex connects people in body and spirit. Without an intimate connection, one or both partners could start looking for sexual substitutes such as overindulgence in food or alcohol or spending time apart. Besides the relationship-building aspect, sex is good for overall health, as it has many benefits for the body and soul. Sexytime! app was designed to help couples to build a stronger relationship.

Why Sexytime!?

Sexytime! will help you to build a better bond with a partner. Sex, romance and intimate moments are the key elements of a happy relationship. The app will help you to get into a romantic mood and give you plenty ideas about how to spice up things in the kitchen and in the bedroom.

Apply innovative stress management techniques and live a stress-free life. Stress is the number-one cause of libido loss, especially in today’s world of financial instability and work overload. People find it difficult to deal with stress. So which foods, tools, and techniques could help in managing stress levels? Sexytime! has plenty of tips and advice.

Boost your health with Sexytime! Sex has many benefits for the body and soul. Sexual activity helps to maintain cardiovascular health; it acts as a stress reliever; it burns calories, improves cognition, and strengthens the immune system. During sex, and particularly during orgasm, the human brain releases certain hormones and chemicals that improve physiological and psychological health. Learn how you can improve your wellbeing through sexual activity, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle.

Learn to cook aphrodisiacs with Sexytime! Over the centuries, people have searched for foods which can put them in the right mood for sex. Food and sexual prowess have been linked for thousands of years. There is a simple explanation why certain foods directly enhance libido. Some foods are considered aphrodisiacs because of their shape, some for their smell, and some for their "magical" composition of vitamins and minerals. Sexytime! gives you over 200 recipes and explains the nutritional value of aphrodisiacs. 

This is how Sexytime! works